Guessing the contrivance being produced
Mystery case challenge at the South West Lee County Fair, Florida
Group engagement
19th Century Turning
19th Century Machine in use
Mystery Case Challenge
Triple Guess Challenge Game
visitor participation
Visiting reporter participation
Figuring out the “Make it Take it” 1st round contrivance to win!
Completing item in the “Contrivance Round” to win!
Veterans Commemoration.
Youth Participation at conclusion of show

the shows are Inclusive, and Fun for all!

Imagine participating in a time traveling endeavor, discovering one of the most essential elements geologically that would aid in the transformation of a new nation from its level of primitive survival to producing innovations in the quality of life as never before thought possible!

Imagine witnessing a flat metal material as combined with this element being fashioned live with museum tools right before your eyes, and participating in a trivia game with historic anecdotes and clues with others to figure out what type of object is being made before it’s finished in 5-15 minutes! 

Congratulation’s if you guessed right, you just figured out a rare domestic, farm, medical, and military contrivance used by your forbearers for survival purposes during the 18th or 19th centuries.  Now your reward is leading the audience into the triple guess gaming challenge, where nobody is left out, and all will be winners, with one securing a token valued at $30.00 made exclusively for him or her!  But don’t worry if you only attain the consolation prize, feel free to come back and compete as many times as you like for free!  Because every show is different, and we can always compete in the mystery case challenge relay!

Actually most state that they come back multiple times, because they continue to learn, laugh, and be entertained as never before!

The following are proven attributes as achieved with this entertainment:

  • It is audience engaging, participatory, enriching, and educational show experience designed for all, as no one is left out
  • A proven interactive experience for all ages especially the school aged, seniors, and the whole family
  • Proven to engage and draw attention to other cooperative activities on the grounds
  • Visitor Participation and return to venue during the course of event and tenured is always strong