Standard: 1MIL-EA Occurrence, 2MIL-AGRG General Business Liability  (Higher limits available as required or specifically warranted)

Area: 20Feet x 20Feet near level short grass site above flood plain

Electrical: 120V-8 amp, single phase power local receptacle 50Ft.

Water: Access to 1 gal of water/day

Seating: Portable 30-50

Lodger:  Required


Michael Felk’s Tinsmithing shows fit practically anywhere the following are suggestions as your application may differ, thus contact to learn more regarding adaptive applications if none of the following apply:

Agricultural Educational  venues

Period, Cracker, Nostalgia or Yesterday Villages

Period Steam Powered Machine or Tractor Displays

Antiques Exhibits

Agricultural Heritage areas

Midway entrances

Living History demonstration areas

Theme Parks or themed venues

Other applications: Period Mechanical, Science, SteamPunk, and or other Historically related Museum Events & Reenactment’s.

NOTICE: If you are an Education Authority, Library, or other commercial event provider, contact direct to obtain applicable services package. 

Rates Include the following:

1MIL-EA. Occurrence, 2MIL-AGRG General Business Liability with separate vehicle Liability Insurance

Complete working Tin & Copper manufactory shop and show resulting in a site contained turnkey grounds act operation with included period raw materials to accommodate scheduling requirements. Updates for 2023-2024 season include professionally produced musical introduction 10 to 15 minutes prior to show presentation.  Materials consumed beyond that provided for shows rendered would be at additional cost, this would exclude nominal materials exclusive to event employer or the staff there in.


Shows provide many repeat visitor stakeholder features that contribute to meeting fairs mission and budget.  Complete details provided in literature with registration.

Free-sponsor and event PSA marketing interviews provided! 

Furniture & equipment includes:

Complete period style heavy work bench with stake plate, 30-18th to 19th century museum tools and machines, 4-Reproduced Intaglio Diderot Museum Display panels and shelving system, Multiple period hand tools with brazier, Multiple Living Archival contrivances, Mystery Challenge Display cabinet shelving system, 3X Tri-point period crate audio system with mixer and wireless mic, combined with interior lighting plus air circulators, plus Talents Assorted Period Costume clothing per day.

Default: Host Exterior provided provisions:  (Reflected with image top of page)

20FT.  x 20FT.  close to or near level site above flood plane

Site surface: level short grass

120V-8 amp, single phase power local by 50Ft.

Access to 1 gal of water/day


Optional: Hosted Interior Demonstration area:

Interior non-wet covered structure above flood plane 

15ft Deep x 15ft Long

Site surface:  level pavement, concrete, gravel,  tile,  carpet

Ambient:  Proper lighting, pass through and or forced air ventilation, windows

120V-5amp, single phase power local by 50Ft.

Includes: Wireless sound PA, recorded musical intro with scheduling announcements.

Access to 1 gal of water/day


In either of the above self or host contained setups, optional loose seating to equal around 6-7 benches accommodating 6-8 visitors each, and or fold out chairs to serve venue comfortably with easy egress.  Such seating would support two facing sides of self-contained grounds show enclosure.  Some seating as provided can be internal to enclosure to accommodate visitors due to nominal rain showers, excluding high winds and or other weather that would suspend total event scheduling.

Many physical site locations are equally effective as open rustic venues without any seating provisions. Minimal or loose seating is always encouraged to accommodate the physically limited visitors.


Lodging is required, either host provided or talent allowance provided.  Location of Lodging should be approximately 5-10 miles from event. If Host provided Lodging for whom event promotes assigns a free book of rooms such would reduce rates accordingly.

SU (Setup) and or TD (Take-down)

In either host or self-contained grounds locations as elected, arrival date and departure dates would reflect a day prior and a day following event to properly erect temporary enclosure with interior furniture and features as provided. Thus rates as designed would reflect scheduling requirements to include or exclude host lodger requirements.

Specifications, Complete working Tin & Copper Manufactory Shop and Show