Random Visitor surveys

Event visitors whom participated in show experience are extended an invitation to express comments on a random survey.  Stakeholder visitors, are those for whom repeat show experience multiple times, either on inaugural year or subsequent. 

Many other visitors are given the opportunity to hand write reviews, these registrants will obtain post cards in the mail on proceeding years served.

As social media channels are being formatted to this site, certainly check back to review other current registrant comments. 


recent comments from key authorities employed:

Carolina Classic Fair-Winston-Salem-NC- Retired/Active: David L. Sparks and or current: Ms. Cheryle Hartley

 “Michael Felk has provided tinsmithing demonstrations at the Dixie Classic Fair’s Yesterday Village for over a decade and continues to draw strong crowds.  His knowledge and personality draws fair goers in and keeps them entertained while educating them on the craft of making practical and beautiful tin products. He recently has worked with us to sell items made during the Fair, offsetting the cost of his demonstrations”.  “I would recommend Michael to any Fair or Festival wanting and entertaining and quality demonstration at their event.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss this recommendation further, please contact Ms. Cheryle Hartley – hartley@dcfair.com.”

Herkimer County Fair-Frankfort-NY. – Gerry Elthorp, Director

“Those from the fair whom watched the show, said it was very informative, interesting, and will recommend to other Fairs..

Field Day of the Past- Richmond- Va. -Melinda Gammon, Director

Puts on a good Educational show offering insight to our heritage, which is what our show is all about, a great training and learning tool… as entertainment it is very fun to watch…”

Pennsylvania Farm Show– Harrisburg-PA. – Heidi Svonavec, Assistant Executive Director

“What a great exhibit, added a significant educational aspect to the PA Farm Show. Loved that items were available as we used to raise money in our showcase later in week.”

SC-State Fair-Columbia-SC-Nancy Smith-CFE, General Manager Director

Our goal is to support education and heritage, and Michael Felk’s Tinsmithing shows fit right into this aspect of education and heritage, a real part of our fair, equally as many fairs promote the same.”

Pitt County Fair, Greenville-NC-Ken & Phyllis Ross, Managers

Really good job, everyone enjoys him, he got everyone involved, a draw for our fair”

Other event services include convention speeches:

Cookie Cutter Collector’s Club & Convention– Virginia Beach- VA.- Elizabeth DeVault- President

“The speech presentation was well received, and comments from guest reflected complete satisfaction.”

Testimonials, Random Visitor surveys